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3 Steps For Popular Music College Prep

You're neck-deep into the college application process when suddenly it hits you: you're going to have to audition in-person! After a brief pause to scream into the void you wonder; how do you even prepare for this?

Step 1: Know The Requirements

Every college has a different application process with a different set of audition requirements. Make sure to find them, usually listed on your college's website, and write them down.

Step 2: Choose Repertoire That Showcases Your Strengths

Song selection is key; often a popular music program is more interested in hearing your original compositions than cover songs. Make sure to pick originals that aren't too long, that showcase your range, and that are memorable. Now is not the time for your reinterpretation of John Cage's 4:33.

Step 3: Get Help!

Whenever you're embarking on a new adventure, it helps to have someone experienced in your corner. Pasadena Piano Academy has a full staff of instructors that have all been through the college application experience, and are uniquely qualified to help you with yours. Contact us today because we offer both popular music and classical music college prep!

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