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Our Vision


At Pasadena Piano Academy, we believe in the foundational importance of music education in early childhood development, the value of musicianship, and the need for an academically curious individual to belong to a kind, creative, diverse and joyful environment. We also believe that anyone, no matter their age, can learn and develop musical skills to perform and enjoy music with structured and consistent musical education.

Our Philosophy


We affirm that deep learning requires patience, creativity, reflection and practice.

We value the individuality of our student families and our egalitarian school culture.

We encourage our students and create opportunities for them to participate in local, national and international exams, along with competitions. We also support our students in them utilizing their musical talent while performing at charity events, allowing them to build confidence for school recitals.

Teaching Method


At Pasadena Piano Academy, we focus on musical education through instrumental music instruction. We provide piano, voice, guitar, bass and ukulele classes for all ages and skill levels with the intent of giving our students a strong foundation in music theory & fundamentals, ear-training and composition. 


We focus on critical foundational elements for proper instrumental performance, including proper posture and technique, giving students the best possible tools for success in their musical endeavors. Our individual, personalized approach make us stand out from other music schools, as we customize each and every lesson for the ongoing musical needs of each student. We also provide a friendly atmosphere and learning environment which allows all our students to thrive while they are encouraged to learn!


Our main goal is for each of our students to realize their full potential, and we encourage and guide our students to be more independent, creative, and to set up their own personalized goals.In addition to providing the best learning environment and tools for our students, we only use BOSTON Pianos provided from Steinway & Sons Piano Company in our piano instruction. Moreover, we organize two performance recitals each year at the Steinway & Sons Piano Gallery and participate in the Musical Arts Competition of Orange County, as well as many other national and international competitions.

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