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Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music 

Practical Exam:

Distinction Awards

(Grade 2) Nora Hsieh

(Grade 3) Sophie Hsieh

(Grade 3) Kate Nguyễn

(Grade 3) Camille Wijaya

(Grade 4) Julian Chen

Merit Awards

(Grade 1) Alexander Feng

(Grade 1) Matthew Chan

(Grade 4) Madeleine Chan
(Grade 4) Justin Chen

(Grade 6) Amelia Chang

Music Theory Exam:

Distinction Awards
(Grade 3) Justin Chen

(Grade 5) Andersen Yang

Musical Arts Competition of Orange County (MACOC)

Piano Section 3

Honorable Mention

Camille Wijaya

Piano Section 4

3rd Place

Sophie Hsieh

Piano Section 6

Honorable Mention

Nadine Hillman

College Board-Advanced Placement Program

AP Music Theory:

Scored 5

Ethan Chow

Sofia Flores-Castro

Adelynne Yang

Scored 4

Sophia Chen

California Association of Professional Music Teachers (CAPMT)

To Be Announced

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