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Student Recitals


1. Students must fully prepare and sign up with their instructor 2 weeks in advance before recital date.


2. Students and parents are required to arrive 15 minutes before the recital starts.


3. Students and parents are fully responsible for bringing their musical scores to the recital.


Recitals are formal student showcases. It is important that students make themselves presentable and well-groomed. 


1. Young children not enrolled in recital must remain under the supervision of their caregiver at all times. Under no circumstances will the studio or waiting area be used as play rooms for unattended children.


2. The Academy's faculty cannot provide supervision for students left alone before or after the recital.


3. If a student must wait for a ride home from a recital, they are requested to wait inside the building.


 ​A recital fee of $45 is required each participating student.

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