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California Association of Professional Music Teachers (CAPMT)

2021 CAPMT District 9 Sonata/Sonatina Competition, Category A

1st Place: Sophia Chen

2021 CAPMT Honors Competition

Honorable Mention: Amelia Chang

2021 Piano Audition:

Sophie Hsieh (5/5)

Marcus Lin (5/5)

Olivia Lin (5/5)

Kate Nguyễn (5/5)

Oliver Chow (5/5)

Sophia Wong (5/5)

Julien Wong (5/5)

Madeleine Chan (5/5)

Marcus Lee (4/5)

Justin Chen (4/5)

Clara Soto (5/5)

Oliver Chow (5/5)

Amelia Chang (5/5)

Sophie Pang (4/5)

Lily Huang (5/5)

Ethan Chow (4/5)

Sofia Flores-Castro (5/5)

Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music 

Theory Exam: Distinction Awards

(Grade 5) Olivia Lee

(Grade 5) Lily Huang​

Performance Exam: Distinction Awards

(Grade 7) Sophia Chen

(Grade 7) Sofia Flores-Castro

(Grade 5) Olivia Lee

(Grade 5) Lily Huang​

(Grade 4) Abigail Hillman

(Grade 4) Amelia Chang​

(Grade 4) Lucia Sanchez-Gagerman​

(Grade 2) Cecilia Sanchez-Gagerman

(Grade 2) Sophia Wong

(Grade 1) Julien Wong

(Grade 1) Olivia Lin

Performance Exam: Merit Awards

(Grade 6) Ethan Chow​

(Grade 5) Andersen Yang​

(Grade 4) Oliver Chow

Musical Arts Competition of Orange County

Section III
3rd Place: Amelia Chang
Honorable Mention: Clara Soto

Section IV

Honorable Mention: Oliver Chow

Section VII

1st Place: Sofia Flores-Castro

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